Variants functionality#

The Variants page does the following:

  • Provides summary information on the selected season.
  • Provides SellThru data for variants in the context of a selected season, vendor & product.
  • A link to view the product in Shopify admin.

Variants page

Selected season#

  • It’s possible to reach the variants page in two ways. Depending on how you’ve reached the page a different season will be selected.
    • By clicking on a season in the Seasons page and then clicking on a vendor and then product - the first season clicked on will be shown.
    • By clicking on the Products button in the app navigation bar and then clicking on a product - the pinned season will be shown.
  • If you want to view an alternative season you can select it from the Season drop down list:

Select a season

Variant list#

  • Each vendor in the list has the following information:
    • Vendor - the vendor for the product.
    • SKU / Title - The SKU or title for the product.
      • NB. SKU is an optional field, if it isn’t populated for a variant then the variant title will be used instead.
    • Option 1 - this will show what option 1 is used for, for this product.
      • NB. this can differ between different products.
    • Option 2 - this will show what option 2 is used for, for this product
    • Inventory - total on hand inventory for all variants of the product.
    • Sales - total units sold for all variants of the product within the season.
    • SellThru - the SellThru rate for the variant in the season is shown with a “traffic light” badge representing how close to target the figure is.
    • Sales tag icon - will open the product within the Shopify admin.