Vendors functionality#

The Vendors page does the following:

  • Provides summary information on the selected season.
  • Provides SellThru data for vendors in the context of a selected season - these are vendors who have products tagged with the season tag.
  • Provides a chart showing SellThru for the vendors in a season.
  • Allows you to edit a season which has been created already.

Vendors page

Selected season#

  • It’s possible to reach the vendors page in two ways. Depending on how you’ve reached the page a different season will be selected.
    • By clicking on a season in the Seasons page - the season clicked on will be shown.
    • By clicking on the Vendors button in the app navigation bar - the pinned season will be shown.
  • If you want to view an alternative season you can select it from the Season drop down list:

Select a season

Season summary#

  • The following information will be shown for the selected season:
    • Badges showing whether the season is pinned and it’s current status.
    • The start and end date of the season.
    • The target i.e. percentage of inventory which you would have expected to have sold by this date.
      • If the season is in Progress then this will be calculated based on the proportion of the season which is complete.
      • If the season is Complete this will be 100%.
      • If the season is in the Future this will be 0%.

Vendor list#

  • Each vendor in the list has the following information:
    • Name - the name of the vendor.
      • Clicking a vendor name will show the list of products for that vendor in the selected season.
    • Inventory - total on hand inventory for all variants of all products for that vendor within the season.
    • Sales - total units sold for all variants of all products for that vendor within the season.
    • SellThru - the SellThru rate for the vendor in the season is shown with a “traffic light” badge representing how close to target the figure is.

Seasoning will group products together based on the case insensitive vendor name.
For example “VendorName” and “VENDORNAME” are considered to be equivalent.
Please get in touch if this could cause problems for you.

SellThru traffic lights#

  • The SellThru figure will have a red, amber or green background based on how close the figure is to the target for that day:
    • Above the target - green
    • Less than the target - amber
    • Less than half the target - red


  • The chart shows the SellThru rate for each day within the season so that you can see whether sales are tracked ahead of behind of the target for that day.
  • The dotted line shows the target for each day.
  • There is a coloured line for each vendor.
  • If you hover over a value in the chart it will show the exact value for that vendor and day.
  • If you want to hide one of the vendor lines you can click on the vendor name in the chart legend and it will be hidden.